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Destination Think's smart campaign to help Bermuda

I like to research what are the different travel marketing agencies doing to assist destinations, hotels, attractions. This one from Destination Think has a very interesting angle and is not just another campaign with social media influencers.

Instead, these guys thought about the challenge they were facing - bringing visitors during winter times to Bermuda -, the elements they had in hand - windy conditions -; and who could be an exact match for the destination as is, right now.

No empty marketing words like "we are transforming the way people like to vacation", bla, bla, bla....But instead, they turned a destination disadvantage into a business opportunity to increase visitation during their low season, by finding a specific match for a specific audience - kiteboarders who would gladly enjoy the ocean breezes and windy conditions. Nicely done, indeed.

So here is the link to their campaign titled "Let's Blow Up Winter"

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