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Featured Travel Writer: Terri Colby

Terri Colby spent years as a journalist for major media outlets like The Associated Press and Chicago Tribune before turning her focus to travel writing.

Storytelling has always been key whether it’s an investigative or political story or a feature on a new hot destination.

Curiosity mixed with a passion for learning new things feeds her zest for travel. More recently, she has been focusing on immersive natural experiences, like stargazing, tracking migrating Monarch butterflies, and national park hikes through forests to hear and see stunning waterfalls.

Small-ship cruising is a favorite travel mode as it facilitates seeing a lot with ease of movement.

“I often want to return to favorite places, but it’s so hard to do that when there’s so much of the world to explore,” she said.

High on her list of dream trips are Istanbul, Zanzibar and Slovenia. Though Mexico, Spain and Germany are always tempting.

Colby has won writing awards for stories on safaris in Kenya, visiting Monarch butterfly sanctuaries in Mexico and exploring the new military museum in Columbus, Ohio.

She is a proud Chicagoan, but is happy to head for warmer climes in February.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in public affairs reporting, both from the University of Illinois, and has taught journalism students at Northwestern and DePaul Universities. Currently, she is Vice President of the freelance council of the Society of American Travel Writers.

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