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Press Request: Meet The Undauntables

Outlet: Business Insider

Writer: Mark Ellwood

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 4 May

Query: "Call them the Undauntables. As vaccination rates stateside begin to crest, there's been a return to travel among certain groups. None more intriguing, though, than those we've dubbed the Undauntables. They're the globetrotting AARPers who are determined to get back out into the world, unfazed by the extra logistical challenges but happy to be protected by their vaccinations and able to resume their adventures anew. They might be arranging multigenerational trips for their families to reunite after enforced separation over the last year or more. Or perhaps booking bucket list trips for later in the year, their wanderlust turbocharged by a sense of confinement. Then again, it could be an eighty-something couple, reminded again of the preciousness of time, taking a romantic trip to the same place they once honeymooned, decades ago. I want to hear from the following:

-- Folks in their sixties or older who fall into this category - who've booked a long-haul, or longtime, or adventure vacation (think something more than a quick weekend in Florida) in the wake of the pandemic, and who can share their first-hand stories as to why and how it was so important to get back out into the world.

-- Travel agents and specialists who have worked with folks like these, who can share their own anecdotes and perspectives on how the Undauntables are driving a return to travel.

-- Hotels and other operators, like cruise lines, which have launched programs expressly to cater to (and lure) AARPers and older once they're vaxxed and ready to explore.

You get the idea. Please send me a single para pitch on any of the above."

Requirements: "Please mark subject line UNDAUNTABLES. [...] No attachments, please; all emails with attachments will be deleted unopened."

Email Mark directly @

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