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Press Request: Most Bizarre Winter Activities at Hotels Around the World

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Outlet: Fodor's Travel

Writer: Kristy Alpert

Deadline: January 6

Query: "I'm working on a story for Fodor's Travel about the "Most Bizarre Winter Activities at Hotels Around the World." Ski-in-ski-out resorts are an obvious choice for winter, but these hotels are offering something a bit more ... um, memorable. I'm looking for hyper-unique packages and activity offerings at hotels (ideally as part of a hotel program, but an activity that the hotel will help arrange could work as well. Things like icelandic horseback riding, ice sailing, snow golfing, skijoring, snow polo, urban sledding, ice surfing, ice sliding, igloo building, etc. Nothing holiday related as this will go live mid-late January."

Please email Kristy directly @

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