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Press Request: New Hotels in the Covid Era

Outlet: The New York Times - Travel

Writer: Sarah Firshein

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 13 January

Query: "I'm reporting a feature about hotels that have opened (or are opening) during COVID -- what are the operational challenges and advantages? Is it easier or harder to come out of the gate with Covid measures in place, rather than retrofit a property, re-train staff, recalculate revenue projections, and so on?"

Requirements: " As the piece will be an industry deep-dive, I'm looking for very specific sources:

1. Hotel leadership who can speak beyond the talking points and chat candidly about what it's like opening a hotel when the pandemic is all one knows (so far). I'd like to really get into operational details, from placement of tables in F/B outlets to how housekeeping and front-desk staff are trained. (No vague C-suite sound bites, please!) 2. Any hotel feature must be new since Covid or about to open (as in, built out and staffed up). 3. I'm also open to speaking with one or two anecdotal travelers who have stayed at a brand-new hotel since the pandemic began. (No travel bloggers or anyone in travel media, please.) 4. Note this is not a roundup of new hotels, so please do not pitch me for this feature unless there's a great (i.e. fun, articulate, colorful, interesting, engaging) staffer who's willing to chat!"

Email Sarah directly at

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