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Press Request: Tips For a Great Family Moon

Outlet: FamiliesGo!

Writer: Eileen Gunn

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 22 April

Query: "A family moon could be destination wedding or honeymoon for a second marriage where the kids come along. Or it could be a babymoon with the older sibling along. It's a vacation that mixes family time with couple time and the kids could be aged anywhere from tots to teens."

Requirements: " What are your best 2-3 tips for a successful family moon? What will make it successful for the adults and kids individually and for the family? What are things to not do on a family moon? what can go wrong and how do you avoid it? If you are using the family moon so step parents/kids can bond a bit, what can help or hurt that?"

Email Eileen directly @

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