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Press Request: Top Luxury Hotel Openings of 2022

Outlet: Global Traveler

Writer: Mark Chesnut

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 23 July

Query: "I'm writing a major feature about the biggest, most interesting and most noteworthy new luxury hotel openings around the world for 2022 for Global Traveler Magazine. I'm looking on details about 2022 hotel openings, with a focus solely on UPSCALE brands and properties (since that's the audience for Global Traveler). These should be luxury openings for 2022 only, and only new properties (no reopenings or renovations). Please include details about what makes the new hotels truly special. Also looking for a photo or two -- they should be high resolution (at least 1 MB in size) for print publication. Check out my latest work in various media outlets here:"

Requirements: "* Must be LUXURY hotels only. * Must be new openings for 2022 only."

Please email Mark directly @

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