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Skift Business Travel and Future of Work Summit 2021| Register now

When: March 17, 2021 Live 11 a.m. EST and On-Demand

Where: Skift’s Online Event Platform

Before the pandemic, the multi-trillion dollar business travel sector was set to experience a dramatic digital transformation, and then the world came to a standstill. With lions of business like Bill Gates proclaiming 50 percent of business travel and over 30 percent of days in the office will go away, and that the single-meeting trip is over, what will the corporate travel sector even look like post-crisis as the future of work and companies goes increasingly digital? With such a vast business landscape, in reality, people still fly in for vital meetings and essential work, but where will they book, how will expectations and preferences shift, and what will spending policies dictate as the world defines the new norms of doing business?

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