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Today's Travel Writer: Kristy Alpert

Kristy Alpert is a freelance travel and lifestyle journalist on the hunt for the obscure and untold stories around the world. Her passion for savoring the local flavor of a destination has led to her unearthing ancient bread baking secrets on Muhu Island to becoming a registered yoga instructor (ERYT200) in Bali. Kristy has traveled to 84 countries on seven continents, but her biggest adventure has been her recent journey into the world of parenting. Kristy has won numerous international awards for her writing. See her bylines in Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Men’s Health, AFAR, Better Homes & Gardens, Food & Wine, Fodor’s Travel, American Way, HiLuxury, Apartment Therapy, Global Traveler, TripSavvy, and more.

Email Kristy @ Follow Kristy on Twitter and Instagram

Learn more about Kristy here and here

Check out her road trip activity book for kids here!

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