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Today's Travel Writer: Robin Catalano

Robin Catalano believes in the power of storytelling to connect communities and cultures. She's applied her creative approach to writing for magazines, books, blogs, websites, and digital and print marketing, and has published more than 75 articles and 1,000 blog posts. The travel editor of the Greylock Glass (Williamstown, Mass.), Robin focuses on the untold stories of popular destinations, hidden gems, and thought-provoking travel experiences. Her freelance work has been featured in publications such as the Boston Globe, Gourmet, Matador Network, Travel Awaits, Berkshire Living, Berkshire HomeStyle, and Chronogram. She is a four-time speaker at the Women in Travel Summit and the editor of more than 350 fiction and nonfiction books. Robin is the 2020 Writer-in-Residence at Arrowhead, the cultural center, and former home of Herman Melville in Pittsfield, Mass. Robin lives on the border of the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. She is a subject expert in the Northeast US, especially upstate New York. She also travels to Spain at least once per year to visit family and explore new destinations.

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